Dryer Repair

Dryer Repair

Are you dealing with a faulty dryer? Call Colorado Springs Appliance Repair for dryer repair help today! Our company has over 18 years of experience in major home appliance repair, and we’re on call to troubleshoot dryer issues in Colorado Springs, Fountain, Fort Carson, and the surrounding areas. If you’re having dryer problems, we’ll work with you to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.

Dryer Repair Service Equals Lower Costs

When it comes to a faulty dryer, you can’t afford to take chances. Your dryer is potentially one of the most dangerous appliances in your home, as it can experience a range of electrical problems and become a fire hazard if it’s not properly maintained. When our dryers start acting up, many of us automatically start to calculate the cost of purchasing a replacement. Before you get out your wallet, though, call the team at Colorado Springs Appliance Repair! Our technicians are factory-trained and can get your dryer running as good as new!

Dryer issues, even big ones, can often be solved with expert dryer repair services. When you call Colorado Springs Appliance Repair, our crew will be able to examine your dryer and figure out what’s going on. In most cases, we will likely be able to repair the problem so you don’t have to incur the expense of buying and installing a new dryer.

Quality Dryer Repairs in Colorado Springs

Nobody ever benefited much from broken dryers and sopping wet clothes. At Colorado Springs Appliance Repair,  we feel privileged to keep dryers running all over Colorado Springs, Monument, Fountain, and surrounding areas. With more than 18 years of experience, we can confidently troubleshoot and resolve problems of any kind while always putting our clients’ needs first.

We want to set the bar when it comes to dryer repairs.   In order to provide your dryer and other appliances with high-quality repair work that doesn’t void your manufacturer’s warranty, all of our appliance repair technicians are factory-trained and certified. We guarantee the quality of our work and the parts we use because, as homeowners ourselves, we are aware of the stress that broken appliances can cause. Our devotion to getting appliances up and running is what makes us the go-to appliance repair service for many homes in Colorado Springs. Contact us to experience our quality workmanship and personalized appliance services.

When Do I Need a Clothes Dryer Repair?

If your dryer isn’t doing its job the way it should, you need to call Colorado Springs Appliance Repair right away. Otherwise, the problem will only get worse, and you’ll waste a lot of utilities powering a dryer that doesn’t work efficiently. Getting one of our experts in when you first notice a dryer problem will make sure you get it dealt with before it becomes a bigger issue or a safety hazard. You may need a dryer appliance repair if you notice any of the following problems:

  • Your dryer doesn’t tumble your clothes
  • Your clothes come out wet or damp even after going through a full drying cycle
  • Your dryer overheats
  • Your dryer won’t start

Call us today if you notice these or other symptoms. The washer/dryer repair team at Colorado Springs Appliance Repair will be able to investigate and get to the bottom of whatever issue you’re having. We service both gas and electric dryers and are familiar with most makes and models. Even if you have a model we haven’t seen before, we’re always happy to have a look!

Regardless of the type of problem you’re facing, the team at Colorado Springs Appliance Repair will be able to set it right so that you—and your clothes—can get back to your normal routine! Call us for gas or electric dryer repair today.

Dryer Vent Cleaning From Our Dryer Repair Specialists

A unique issue that dryers pose lies in the vent system. Dryers work by heating air and moving that air through your wet clothes, and the dryer vent line facilitates the movement of that air. Along the way, the vent filter traps lint and debris. Over time, however, dust, lint, and other particulates can get through the filter and build up in the dryer vent line. This can compromise airflow and pose a serious fire hazard. 

The good news is, Colorado Springs Appliance Repair provides dryer vent cleaning services! If you notice an issue with your dryer’s efficiency or heating, our team can assess the problem and clear out that line so your dryer has full airflow once again.

For expert dryer repair help and superior customer care, call the team at Colorado Springs Appliance Repair today! We are your washer and dryer repair pros in Colorado Springs, Fort Carson, Fountain, and beyond.